When we learn to live with problems!


When we adapt and learn to live with problems, we become part of them. The longer we have them, the deeper they engrave themselves into our lives. After a while, we don’t see them as problems; they become part of us.

At some point, we may be lucky to have an outsider point out our long-standing problems. After some denial, we may decide to pull them apart. However, we quickly realise it is not an easy task. It may be a slow and painful process. Hence, there is always a risk of settling for the status quo.

We may be much better off inviting an outsider to help us understand our problems on a routine basis. This may also be an opportunity for us to see what good looks like, such as the industry standards for our domain.

It may be quite comfortable to adapt to what we have. However, it requires enormous courage and determination to challenge the status quo, learn about gold standards, and strive to constantly transform.