The Good Old Power of Long-term Planning!


Life is not simple! The opportunity ahead of us could be a pitfall. The major source of our pain can be transformative endeavour.

For example, if a new opportunity pays me more but takes me away from my core strengths, it could be a pitfall. Similarly, my constant perseverance through business issues can transform me and my business.

But how do we know which options are suitable for us?

Influenced by our modern mindset, I have been conditioned to make sensible decisions based on my choices. I learn from my experiences and pivot when things do not work. I do not waste time in long-term planning.

But, with the help of the Mastermind group, I am realising a significant flaw in this thinking. My end goals are blurry because I don’t take time for long-term planning. As a result, I tend to do too many things, get distracted by shiny opportunities and make bad choices.

I am slowly learning the good old power of long-term planning. In theory, it makes sense. Decide on your end goal and priorities. Choose your journey with your values in mind. And with each decision, ask yourself if it is taking you close to or far from your destination.

What are your thoughts?