Leaders! Manual information handling is a crime!

Visioning and Selection

Business executives! It is your fault if the staff is still manually handling information. When Business systems (ERP) are available to process information, why does anyone has to deal with manual spreadsheets, emails, and reports? Why is there a need to print paper, move it around the office, and store it?

It is a crime to ask employees for manual information handling. Because you are wasting non-renewable human potential. Your staff should be making intelligent and informative decisions. They should not be squandering their lives by manual information handling!

What justice do you do to your business? Efficiency goes out of the window by wasting human potential on these trivial tasks.

As a business leader, you must ensure that the staff have the right tool for their job. Not investing in technology and leaving employees with ancient tools is a crime. It is like sending soldiers in battle with airguns. So don’t be a criminal!