Burn your messy house and move to a new one!

Digital Transformation

It sounds silly, isn’t it?

Burn your messy house and move to a new one!

Then, why do we change enterprise (ERP/CRM) software? If the existing EPR has issues (is messy), then why do we replace it with another similar ERP?

Why don’t we ask some hard questions like:

  • What are the problems with existing ERP?
  • Why are we facing these problems?
  • What can we do to resolve them?
  • How will the new software help us?
  • After migrating to the new software, how can we ensure that we will not end up in the same place after five years?
  • What other options are available to us (e.g. upgrade existing software, change the Managed Services partner etc.)?

Your existing enterprise software may not be serving you well for various reasons. But, it is vital to understand the problems and their root cause, evaluate options, and make an informed decision to migrate to the new software.

Tell me, why would you burn your messy house and move to a new one?

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