Methodologies are overrated!


You are waiting on the shore for a boat to take you across the ocean to the other end. Two boats rock up and start convincing you how good they are. They tried to impress you on why you should consider sailing with them.

After a while, they said they developed a unique method of sailing. This method works every time in the sea. They have crafted this method of sailing after years of experience. You will have a very comfortable ride.

Would you trust them?

I hope you don’t!

Methodologies are the starting point for any software project.

Software vendors often sell their unique methodology. They seldom make any material difference, however.

Methodologies are our baseline to start the project. As we get into the middle of the project, we must adjust, recalibrate and maybe do tasks we never did in any other project before.

When seas are rough, only fools stick to the best practice; the normal people use common sense and try out things that matter!

Software implementation methodologies are the primary starting point of the project. The Project teams must use available tools, and tricks, to adjust and maneuver swiftly to reach their destination on time!

Agility is the key!

Methodologies are overrated!