Navigating Life’s Choices: From Coffee to Corporate Decisions!

Decision making

A cup of coffee can range from $1 to $1500. Well, the upper range can be much more. If we make our own coffee, we may go with instant coffee, barista, or pod. Our choices depend on what we value. Do we value taste, money, time, or maybe an ego boost?

There is value in self-awareness and knowing why we are making certain choices. I find myself making decisions when I am on autopilot. I find myself making choices under the influence of the dopamine rush.

But when making business decisions that will affect others, it is not a good idea to be on autopilot. We must take time to follow a set procurement process and take the right people on board. We must know the business problem and how the proposed solution will address it. Who can be impacted, and what must we do to implement the solution?

The key is taking time and effort to know our problems and needs before hunting for solutions.

Navigating Life's Choices