Never stop iterating! Keep improving on what is Good!

Continuous Improvement

We hear a lot about greatness. Great products, people, experiences, and services. Then, there are more inspirational quotes like ‘Good is the enemy of great.’

We hear about greatness from the motivational speaker too! In addition, salespeople often refer to greatness by referring to Apple products.

Overall there is a huge hype on greatness!

The question is: Is there a substance to it, or is it merely hype?

Let me ask you, how many times do you buy only great products? How often do you search for a great doctor? How consistently do you eat great food?

Great stuff comes at a cost. We may occasionally need great things and services. Say, a specialist neurosurgeon for complex surgery.

Most of us are happy with good products and services. However, as a service provider, we should never stop iterating on what is Good! There is always room for improvement. So, we should always focus on what we can improve in existing products or services. Never settle on what we have now. Instead, keep iterating to improve continuously!

Perhaps greatness is somewhere when we are stuck in a continuous improvement loop!

Happy iterating!