No one cares about the injured sick and disabled!


Our world is a collection of concurrent drama stages. We all are participants and audiences of the drama at the same time.

As audiences, we are busy watching who is on the stage. We hardly remember the previous stage artists and the injured, sick artists.

Let us see a few examples:

  • How often does the news channel cover injured and sick players? They are never a focus of any match or sport.
  • How much do we care about colleagues who are sick/injured?
  • During any sports event, the spectators only cheer for players on the ground. No one cares about the injured sick and disabled.

The people who are out of sight naturally get out of our minds. But, as leaders, we must care about our people – even if they are out of our sight. It must be our obligation. So let us continue to look after the people who can no longer serve us.