Why does no one understand my problems?


Sometimes we feel alone in the busy crowd we are in. We believe people around us do not understand or care about us. Our simple message doesn’t appear to get across. We often wonder – why no one understand my problems.

Look, though we live in the same world, we live a very different life from others. The way we look at the world is unique to us. No one else perceives the world exactly the way we do. Our experiences, priorities, values, and brains are unique to us. So, it is likely that others may not care about the big problems that bother us. More importantly, while we complain that no one understands our concerns, we may not be understanding them too. Further, do not forget that everyone is busy fighting their demons.

So, you are not alone. This is how the world operates by default.

Let us, therefore, give more than we take. Listen more than we speak. Understand others before we explain our situation. Demonstrate more patience and empathy.