Not knowing the tools for your job is incompetence!


Imagine a Dentist who does not know about Dental Drill.

How about a Plumber who does not know about a wrench?

It sounds like they must be very incompetent!

Not knowing the tools for your job is incompetence.

However, for office jobs, we readily accept this incompetence. For example, how many of the Finance, Procurement, and Manufacturing managers know about the top Digital systems (tools) for their area? Not knowing about the purpose and capabilities of these Business systems is a clear sign of incompetence.  

As a Business Manager, you should be able to articulate processes and how Digital Business solutions can offer the solution. Therefore, the managers should not leave it with the IT team.

Become a champion in your domain by keeping yourself up to date with the latest tools and their purpose. Remember, not knowing the tools for your job is incompetence. So, don’t be that guy/girl!

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