Nurturing Growth!


Sometimes, we know what needs to be done. We have done it enough times. We have experienced others doing it, too. To us, the path is straightforward. Someone needs to follow simple steps.

However, we repeatedly fail to explain the steps to newbies. We offer lectures to influence and motivate them. Sometimes, we win, and other times we fail. We often question why the new blood doesn’t get it.

But wait!

The newcomers on the other end may be equally agitated but not fully expressing it. They may also be wondering: Why don’t we understand them?

We haven’t matured overnight. As scary and wasteful as it sounds, we may need to give them time and space to fall, fail, and draw their inferences.

But we must be there for them, watching from a distance and acknowledging their maturity over time.

Remember, it is not so much about the outcome but also about nurturing growth!