One question that Project Sponsors must ask the most!


Project Sponsors must ask intelligent questions to the Project Team and stakeholders. But what is the one question that Project Sponsors must ask the most?

Imagine the Project Manager updating the Sponsor about project risks, issues, and decisions. Among all other things, what is the one question that Sponsor must ask?

Come on you can guess!

It is: What are your assumptions?

We all make numerous assumptions in everything we do. Projects are not different. The Project team makes numerous undocumented assumptions too. It becomes a problem when the undocumented assumptions remain untested and do not hold.

For example, during the Project Steering Committee meeting, the vendor PM reports that the project will be under budget. Then, ask – What are your assumptions for this statement. This simple question pushes your team to think deeply about assumptions.

So, next time when the Project Team presents a Change request, budget, or plan, always ask for assumptions! See the big difference it makes in everything you do within the project!

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