Outsourcing the change management initiative!

Change Management

We often like to outsource things that are too complex and where we lack the required experience. Change management is one such service. We assume the new Change Manager should be able to manage change initiative, as she has 20 years of experience and many certifications. However, the new Change Manager does not know our people, culture, or business intricacies. People do not trust her yet. Her role is not magically managing change but facilitating the change management process. Her role is to analyse various aspects of change, assess risks and develop strategies to manage the transition. She should coach our leadership team. Business leaders must still be at the forefront of the change initiative. They still need to listen to the staff and their concerns. They should make them feel heard and acknowledge their input and contribution.

While outsourcing the change management initiative, note that the Change manager will not take away all the hard work from the leadership team!