Packaged software is like a ‘Home and Land’ package!

Digital Transformation

The packaged solution is also known as Commerical Of The Shelf (COTS) software. It includes specialised software (Expense Management, Field Services) or Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, HCM and EAM).

The packaged software is like a Home and Land package because the hard work is done for you.

Packaged software

These systems come with ready-to-use capabilities. Depending on your business needs, the implementation consultant configures the system. Your team tests the solution, and you are ready to start using the software.

You must, however, keep it simple. You know that ‘Home and Land’ packages gets very expensive if you customise them too much. The basic idea is that the builder has done the hard work for you. Therefore, you have a few options to choose from for house elevation, windows and flooring. Similarly, packaged solutions are ready-to-use software. To get maximum value, you must adapt your business processes according to the software. But, if you choose to customise it too much, you lose the whole point!