People hate change!

Change Management

Yes, people hate change! Not every change, though. But, the perceived negative change.

The negative change makes us insecure, push us to learn new things, and adds uncertainty to our lives. Therefore, people will continue to resist change. This is a well-known general phenomenon.

With every new disruption, people protest, resent and, with time, learn to live with it. For instance, people protested the use of steam engines in the textiles and agriculture industries. At some point in history, we had issues with people adopting telephones.

People continue to protest the introduction of Uber, Artificial Intelligence, and COVID vaccines. Our ancestors might have opposed the introduction of the wheel too!

As leaders, there is little value in stating the obvious – People hate change! Our job is to understand and lead the change. People will continue to hate the next big change. The question is, what is our plan for them to adopt it?