How to bake the perfect project?


There is no recipe to bake the perfect project or precisely deliver a successful project!

Project management is an art as much as it is a science. We should continue learning the ways to deliver successful projects. At the same time, we should know there is no set way to deliver a successful project.

For example, yes, we should have a clear project scope. But, if the project deadline is approaching, we have limited resources with no clear scope. So, are we going to define the scope the perfect way? Or, maybe start working on the solution and retrospectively define the scope?

The customer is interested in the solution, not a clear scope definition. Where would you deploy your limited resources with limited time to deliver the solution?

There are no right or wrong answers. The perfect answer is, ‘it depends’!

So, next time we preach to someone how to manage the project, let us remember that hindsight is excellent. However, it often does not represent the constraints, environmental pressures and stresses under which the project decisions were made. So, demonstrate empathy, knowing that we are likely to make slightly different mistakes working under different constraints and environments next time.

There is absolutely no recipe to bake the perfect project!

We should, however, never stop trying, learning and improving! After all, that is all we have under our circle of influence!

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