The Price of Free!

Project Sponsorship

There are two problems with something free (or highly discounted).

The first is that the thing that is being sold loses its value. Second, the person buying it tends to devalue his time, priorities, and sense of direction.

Here are a few examples:

  • This feature is freely available in the software package, so let us implement it (even if we don’t need it or should not use it).
  • ChatGPT version 3.5 is free, so why should we pay for version 4 (even if it is vital to use version 4 and its capabilities for our business)?
  • We get a discount when we buy consulting hours in bulk, so let us buy them now (even if there is no reason for us to utilise them throughout the year).

When things are free or discounted, we focus on what is available rather than what we need. Hence, often, we make decisions that cause future stress and anxiety.

So, handle free and discounted stuff with caution! Know the price of free before you commit!