What is the primary role of the Project Manager?

Role and Responsibility

The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for many things. But what is the primary role of the Project Manager?

At a superficial theoretical level, the primary role of the Project manager is to manage and deliver the contract/Statement of Work (SoW).

But what if the contract/SoW will not meet the desired outcomes for the customer? Should the PM continue to plough through? Or work with the customer to revisit the contract/SoW?

If the SoW does not meet the intended project objective, then the focus should be on refining the SoW. Hence, PMs should not limit themselves by assuming they are merely responsible for delivering the SoW. Instead, the PMs should ensure that the customer investment in the digital initiative is worthwhile.

As a Project Sponsor, when we talk next with the PM. Cover the above topic with him/her. The PM has a vital role to play in the projects. Don’t let them get away with merely delivering the SoW!