How to avoid the vicious trap of draining Project resources?


As a Project Sponsor, you must ensure that Project resources are effectively utilised.

Enterprise software implementations often involve software vendors. Make sure you choose the right vendors upfront. Vendors that you know and trust!

You will be spending a considerable sum on Professional services with these vendors. So, before engaging them, make sure they are trustworthy.

Often Project Sponsors hire independent consultants/Project Managers (PM) to manage the vendors. The client-side PM role is to work in collaboration with vendors PMs. There should be no need for the client-side PM to manage vendor PMs and other resources. Both PMs must collaborate to deliver the successful project within scope, quality, budget, and time constraints.

It is pretty common to see client PMs justify their existence through fault-finding. Their focus is to question vendor invoices and timesheets. Thus, you will see them taking much pride in nit-picking vendor work.

project resources

The client PMs have a critical role to play. Their focus must be on managing all tasks that are client responsibility. For example, Analysis, Data, Testing, Training, and Change Management, to name a few. In addition, they must work constructively with all stakeholders to deliver the expected outcome of the business.

In Summary, as a Project Sponsor, make sure you engage trustworthy vendors. The client PM role is critical for project success. Therefore, client PM must work in collaboration with all stakeholders (including vendors). If client PM has to police the vendor’s work, then you are not utilising your resources effectively.

Take some time to reflect on this dynamic. Why do you need to pay someone (client PM) to manage someone else who is paid to do the agreed work (vendor)?

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