Why do projects goes downhill soon after they start?


Many digital projects never liftoff. Instead, they go downhill after the Sales handover to the Delivery team.

So, why do projects goes downhill soon after they start?

The top reason for the common phenomenon is the lack of collaboration between the Vendor(s) and the Customer Project teams. Both teams never try to understand each other truly. The Vendor project team blindly follow their set project methodology. On the other hand, the Customer Project team never takes accountability for the project tasks. The Customer and Vendor side Project Managers debate on menial tasks that add no value. While the drama among the Project teams is on, the time slips by without much progress being made. As a result, the projects go downhill soon after they start.

Who ultimately suffers out of this stupidity?

The Project Sponsor!

So, as a sponsor, keep an eye on collaboration among the Vendor and internal Project team. Take necessary steps to ensure both teams collaborate. This is the vital step to ensuring the project’s success. So, look closely and take the steps needed to foster true team collaboration!