Promoting change by pushing, pulling and providing lousy service!


Changing habits is difficult and painful. Companies invest millions in technology. However, if the customers do not use them, then it is a waste. Not all customers are the same. Few are early adopters; others need more assistance, guidance and support. There are still some who adopt change by pushing, pulling and providing lousy service.

  • Have you ever wondered why most call centres have long waiting times? While waiting, the vendor/service provider constantly reminds you to check online.
  • Why are there long waiting times in Point of Sale compared to self-checkouts?
  • Why is it too easy to subscribe and unsubscribing too challenging?

It is a tactic to promote change in your behaviour by pushing, pulling and providing lousy service. Where relevant, it is completely fine to use the same tactic to promote change for your initiative as well!

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