Navigating the Pursuit of Meaning in Business and Life!


We love to have ‘more’ – bigger, better, unique and special. In business and personal lives, we are on a constant hunt for more. For example, bigger houses, more profit, more employees, more customers and so on.

There is nothing wrong with finding more, but there is value in thinking:

  • At what cost? What we will be sacrificing?
  • Why does ‘more’ matter and who we are trying to satisfy?
  • What is my end goal? How ‘more’ is going to help the end goal?
  • Is ‘more’ an easy goal with short-term benefits and satisfaction?
  • Is ‘more’ a distraction from dealing with the big hairy audacious goals?

It is great if our next objective is a stepping stone towards the end goal. However, it may well be a mere distraction!

We will not know until we question and be intentional in navigating the pursuit of meaning in business and life!