The Real Complexity of Business Systems!

Digital Transformation

Enterprise Business systems appear to be complex. However, what they do is quite simple.

These business systems facilitate the data-capturing process from various collection points—for example, end-user data entry, machine data. They undertake complex calculations based on available data – for example, providing purchasing suggestions. Then, they present relevant information to the end-users – for example – reports, decisions, and actions.

So, business systems are machines that capture, process and present data with a set of defined rules.

The complexity is not so much within the Business systems. The major complexity is in understanding, communicating, capturing, and presenting layers of information processing requirements. The complexity is in adapting new ways of working. The complexity lies in adopting new habits. The real complexity of business systems is within the human layer and not so much within technology.

So, that is where our focus should be as well!