How to ensure returns on investment on software implementation?

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Enterprise software implementations are complex. It is often challenging to realise the benefits of capital expenditure. There can be many reasons for low Returns On Investment (ROI). Even if the project team has developed a product that meets the business needs, ROI can still be very low. If the end-users are not optimally using the software, the ROI is still going to be low.

Passive change resistance is one of the main reasons for underutilisation. In the previous posts, we covered a few facets:

We will use these posts as our foundation. We will uncover how we can ensure returns on investment on software implementations?

Here are a few thoughts for Project Sponsors:

  • Change is constant: We all know that change is constant; still, only a few plan for it. Therefore, you must prepare for change before project kick-off, execution, and completion.
  • Setting expectations: Set expectations with the project team that project success is not limited to successful completion. Instead, it is developing a foundation where end-users use the software optimally throughout its lifecycle. Similarly, set expectations with business executives to support the software throughout its lifecycle. The importance of optimally using the software should go from top-down.
  • Understand end-users and culture: Each organisation is different. So, set processes to ensure full technical and functional support to the end-users.
  • Passive change resistance: Put a plan to handle passive change resistance. It is very challenging, as you don’t know whom you are dealing with.
  • Support structure: Put in place a solid support structure to induct, train and support end users on an ongoing basis.
  • Governance: Put in place governance processes and audit the use of the software. Then, proactively address the issue identified.
  • Keep it fresh: Ensure that software versions are kept up to date. As a result, the end-users receive relevant training and support on the latest software features.

In summary, sponsors must develop a holistic view and look at the big picture.

returns on investment on software implementation

The value is not in implementing software and moving on with another initiative. Instead, the value is putting processes in place to optimally utilise the software in years to come!