Stop riding on the rocky road with rose-coloured glasses!

Project Execution

Digital initiatives rely on software vendors and integrators who offer software implementation services. The software vendors ensure that their clients (you) have reasonable confidence and faith in them. It is a good practice, as all services-based businesses must ensure that their clients have confidence in them.

However, the problem is when these service providers do not want to be bearers of the bad news. The bad news can be:

  • The project is likely to be overbudget
  • The client-side team (your team) is incompetent
  • The sales team have sold a mission impossible project
  • The solution is unlikely to meet your needs
  • Your requirements are unrealistic

You get the point.

Hence, the service provider continues manipulating facts to paint a rosy picture. But, unfortunately, it is often too late to realise that you are riding on the rocky road with rose-coloured glasses.

Call to actionThink about how your service providers continue to feel safe and valued while being extremely honest and vulnerable.

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