Run and wait!

Decision making

As customers or executives, we possess a position of power.

We have service providers (vendors/employees) to offer services in exchange for currency. The service providers are trained to serve. A few learnt on the way that ‘customer is always right’. A few of them have KPIs to keep us happy as a customer.

Our power as a customer gives us a choice. Either we misuse our position and tell our service providers to run and wait. Or, we emphatically work with them to deliver the best possible outcome for the business. Our better choice will profoundly impact our contribution to the project/initiative.

So, we must think twice:

  • before sending an (IMPORTANT) email to the team to rush, and then we sit on the decision for weeks, or
  • declaring an arbitrary deadline for the project, or
  • asking our team/vendor to run and wait for our next decision

We must think about how it feels on the receiving end. As my daughter says – how would you feel, haa?