Seeing Beyond the Surface!

Decision making

When my wife wears a different piece of jewellery, my girls are the first to spot it. As men, we don’t pay that much attention to jewellery. I guess girls can see any changes in jewellery very vividly.

At any point in time, the world around us is the same; however, we may see it differently.

Consider an example: A machine breaks on a production line.

  • A technician may look for a fault.
  • A sales manager may see its impact on current and future sales.
  • A finance manager may look to dispose of the asset from books.
  • An operations manager may want to take this opportunity to outsource the operations undertaken by the broken machine.

As leaders, we must develop a holistic view of the problem and opportunities before making critical decisions. One of the ways to establish a holistic view is by asking for points of view from the people around us. It is crucial when we are responsible for making decisions with material impact.