Are you wasting time seeking permission or taking action?


Yesterday, I sat on the APMG Level Up panel of the live Q&A. The topic was how to become a Business Analyst? You can find more here.

From the live questions, few want to learn about the Business Analysis profession. It appears that many want to become Business Analysts but are not sure about the next step.

My 2 cents are that you do not need a license to become a Business Analyst. As soon as you start doing business analysis, you become a Business Analyst. With time you will get the right job title and salary. But, do not wait for someone to give you the job title and salary. Instead, find the opportunities to undertake business analysis where you are now.

The problem is that we waste our time seeking permissions. Instead, we should take action. The action must be based on what we can do in the current situation and environment.

For example:

  • If you like to learn swimming then sensibly jump in the pool
  • If you want to improve business processes, then start talking to the stakeholders
  • Suppose you’re going to implement a new software within your business. Then start inquiring about software suggestions within your competition.

The point is that are you wasting too much time seeking permission or taking massive action?

seeking permission

Time for some self-reflection!