How to beat selective listening by repetition?


We grow up, but we continue to be kids in many ways. Like kids, we selectively pay attention to the information that interests us. We smartly ignore the information that we don’t want to listen.

So, how to deal with selective listening? How do we make sure staff and customers pays attention to our message?

The key is in repetition. First, repeat the same message with the subtle differences. Then, use different channels to broadcast your message (Radio, TV, Monthly meeting, Social media, Email). Assess the response on each channel and make necessary changes.

As we grow, we get smarter is selective listening. So, our communication plans should incorporate much repetition.

Let us take a few examples:

  • Asking staff to send timesheets by the end of the week: Most employees hate this admin work. So, you may want to communicate the message verbally during a Team meeting, via email, Teams chat and keep on repeating.
  • Asking the customer to join the loyalty program: You may want to tell its importance over the counter, send SMS, email and repeat the cycle until success.

With modern tools, we can track and assess the engagement level with each communication channel. Use these capabilities to your advantage. You must consistently communicate the same message in diverse ways for effective communication.

Now make some noise!