When Side Effects Outweigh the Primary Impact!


Sometimes, the side effects outweigh the primary impact. The problem is that we cannot see this phenomenon due to our various biases. But once we can see it, we cannot miss it!

For example, the benefit of sending an employee on a training course is not just that she will be more knowledgeable. It is also important because you are demonstrating that you genuinely care.

Similarly, investing in Business Process mapping is not just about receiving fancy documentation. It is also about giving time and space to the staff to collaborate, communicate, and prepare for the change.

Further, engaging a consultant is not just about seeking advice. It also demonstrates that you have wider channels to seek counsel.

So, there is value in looking at the event along with its side effects.

Consider holistically looking at the wars, COVID-19, Carbon footprint drives, and other things happening around you. You may be amazed by what you see!