What is the simplest way to influence your team?


As leaders, we want to influence our teams. You may want them to be more bold, adaptive or resilient. You may like to see them working hard and learning new skills.

So, what is the simplest way to influence your team?

The simplest and most effective way is to start doing what you expect your team to do. Yes, walk without any talk!

As a leader, you hold the position of power. So naturally, your team imitates your style, work ethic, and even language. This is how leaders influence the broader culture of the organisation. Then, in months or a few years, you see a transformation within the organisation. Therefore, you influence by walking on the path you want to see your team to walk.

simplest way to influence your team

This is the most challenging way too. We often want our teams to work hard while we enjoy long lunches with clients. We want employees to cope well with stress so we can pass on our stress. The problem is that we want to change others, while the change starts from within. The question is – are you ready to walk on this difficult path?