Software Implementations are Too Complex!

Digital Transformation

Yes, software implementations are too complex.

During the implementations, we find it hard to articulate requirements. The development work takes too long. It takes ages to test and get it right for the Business. The Business stakeholders keep changing their minds and requirements. And the cycle continues.

Note that the complexity is not because the Developers don’t know how to code or off-the-shelf software products are crappy.

One of the core reasons for complexity is that we do not even try to keep it simple.

The Business stakeholders/Subject Matter Experts often have wild ideas, imaginations and expectations from the new software/vendor. The vendor management (being a vendor) starts by impressing (rather than expressing – concerns). As a result, the Developers and technical team get too busy too soon.

The complexity is due to doing too many things too soon without considering the big picture. The complexity is because we start believing in our assumptions. The complexity is because no one protects and guards simplicity.

As a Business leader, are you prepared to guard simplicity for your software implementation?