Why enterprise software implementations are too complex?

Project Execution

While preparing for advanced mathematic exams, I used to ditch a few unimportant topics, first. After all average student like me will not win by preparing everything.

Similarly, when we go to the gym, we ditch a few exercises that do not assist us in meeting our end goals. On the same note, the dietician eliminates certain foods from our diet plan.

Elimination brings clarity and simplicity. It helps us to focus on things that matter.

So, the question is: why enterprise software implementations are too complex?

One main reason is that we do too many things at once. We assume that software is a magic bullet to all our business problems. We simply want to automate all processes. As a result, we tend to do a lot at once.

Maybe the starting point is to decide what we are going to ditch:

  • Do we need complex returns processes via mail, in-store, and head office?
  • Do we need to make and receive payments via all the payment methods (Credit cards, Bank transfers, cheques)?
  • Do we need complex contracts with the suppliers?
  • How about ditching complex EBAs in the future?
  • How about complex 15 status workflows? Can we ditch at least 5 unnecessary statuses?

Start systematically eliminating, and complexity will fade away slowly but surely.

Therefore, develop a ditching strategy to win over complexity!

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