Sow the seeds that return the fruit of strength!


Yesterday, life felt miserable. It seems like I have everything, yet I am empty inside. My past sorrows gathered and cornered me alone. I regretted my naivety, which didn’t push me to make key decisions. I felt ashamed of being too soft and too harmless.

Today is different. I said to myself that my challenges are making me strong. I am only getting better at facing them. I must keep going and learn about my blind spots. So, I feel good about every experience today.

The ground reality has not changed, however. Perhaps the only thing that has altered is my mindset. My mindset is to stay positive and keep marching ahead.

Have I learned to stay in this state of mind forever?


I am sure the bad weather may make everything gloomy again.

Until then, I must sow the seeds that return the fruit of strength!