Steering committees can be annoying!


Parents, teachers, coaches, managers, sponsors, boards, and steering committees can be annoying. They are in a comfortable overseeing position and always pick on us. They always have something to say. They have no clue about our challenges and constraints. Yet, they comment, and they are always right!


I had this narrative for a long time. But having them is a blessing. Yes, they may not fully understand our world and its challenges. So, it is our job to help them understand.

They may not have an in-depth understanding of our field of expertise. This is the exact reason why their input and feedback are so important. They look at the same thing we look at every day, but from a different viewpoint.

Their job is not to pick on us but to challenge us to think differently and give us options and varying perspectives to open horizons for new possibilities. It makes sense to serve them, and serve them very well!