Stop insulting Agile!

Project Execution

We often associate Agile with specific processes, events, roles and responsibilities. Therefore, with a very narrow viewpoint, we assume Agile as a software development framework.

Agile is a mindset based on specific values and principles.

Agile is about starting the work without attempting to know everything upfront. Agile is about respecting every other team member as a peer. Agile is about demonstrating integrity and being transparent. It is about constant evaluation, assessment, adjusting and recalibrating to meet the given objective. Agile is all about setting relatively smaller goals to limit distraction. We work on things with a Just-In-Time (JIT) mindset.

Agile is about the way we think. It applies to all roams in work and life. But, unfortunately, we limit the Agile framework as a way we do things.

Let us stop insulting Agile!