Please stop making decisions for others!

Decision making

Making decisions is hard! When we make decisions, we own consequences too. If the outcomes of our choices are unpleasant, no one else is to blame. We are on the hook.

So, to get off the hook, we often get others to make decisions for us.

  • Should I buy new pair of shoes?
  • Should I invest in property?
  • Please sign off on the Functional Design document.
  • Should we move the Go-Live date?
  • Would you allow the budget variation?

As a sponsor/executive, the Project team will come to you to make decisions. But you do not need to make all decisions. Instead, getting the Project team to own the decisions and outcomes is much more effective. First, stipulate what results you desire. Then, empower the Project team to make decisions to achieve your desired outcomes.

Don’t get others off the hook! Please stop making decisions for others!