From the Boardroom to the Stage – How Stories Rule Them All!

Decision making

It’s common to believe that we, as humans, are logical and rational. We are making decisions based on facts and reasoning. However, this notion is far from reality.

The truth is that stories play a significant role in our decision-making process. In fact, when we fail to take action, it’s often because of a story we tell ourselves. Our actions are also guided and supported by stories.

We form opinions and biases towards individuals based on the stories we tell ourselves. Even when we claim to be making rational decisions based on data and facts, it’s still the stories that we use to support our conclusions.

We respond to stories with stories, and everything from interviews to project status reports is filled with them. Even expert talks on stage are just stories.

Therefore, we can make a difference in this world by being aware of the stories we tell and hear. We must choose our path carefully by engaging in useful stories and acknowledging abundance with stories of hope. We need to be cautious about the stories we trade because they are powerful game changers.