In Search Of Meaning!

I often wonder - What is the final destination of life's journey? Why I constantly crave for more success, wealth, relationships and power? Why is this constant craving? Why something is always missing in life? Why I am not complete? Whom I am trying to satisfy? Do I actually get satisfaction (even shortly) after so … Continue reading In Search Of Meaning!

Make A Strong Business Case!

Business case is very important and inseparable part of any project. Why? Because it includes ‘Project Justification’. Project Sponsor and Board refer to Project Justification at various stages within project. Generally, this part includes justification of spending money on project (Cost/Benefit Analysis). I think, Cost/Benefit Analysis is just a part of justification. Project team should … Continue reading Make A Strong Business Case!

Types of Requirements – 61 and counting!

Requirement elicitation/gathering can be a complex process. Especially, contracting/consulting in a new domain. The main problem is, ‘What you don’t know is you don’t know?’ It is easy to miss consulting few important business areas. To ensure completeness of requirements we require an overarching checklist. I hope you will find Singh’s Requirements Landscape helpful! What … Continue reading Types of Requirements – 61 and counting!

How To Prioritise Programs In Change Portfolio?

In dynamic business world, mastering prioritisation is one of the key success factors. I think prioritisation is a good mix of art and science. To prioritise, first it is important to separate assumptions from facts, silence from noise, and problems from solutions - Art. At the same time, there is need for some methods. Methods that helps to … Continue reading How To Prioritise Programs In Change Portfolio?

Why we eat cake, smoke and drink beer?

I guess, not because they are good for us. Rather, it is an occasion or we are just giving someone company or due to our mood. We all know about good and bad things. But, we often ignore that knowledge. Why? Because we are short sighted. Short-term pleasures are good enough to keep us momentarily happy. We … Continue reading Why we eat cake, smoke and drink beer?

Do not focus on your goal!

Sunday afternoon, when clouds were covering angry hot sun. I took opportunity to go out for a run. Initial warm-up, jogging and sprinting …. Something amazing happened that day. I was reaching my targets with a lot of speed and energy. Generally, I struggle to reach my set target (set Lamppost). I asked myself “What … Continue reading Do not focus on your goal!

Complex Problems Made Easy!

Everyone has unique way to look at ‘problem’. Some think of solution before giving second thought to problem: “We need to reduce team size because our margins are getting too slim” “I need divorce because I am not happy” “I need new phone because my phone is too slow” Other beat around bush….. “It is … Continue reading Complex Problems Made Easy!

How To Build Momentum In Business

I will start by asking two more basic and fundamental questions: Firstly, what is Momentum? Secondly, why we want to build Momentum in business? I have asked above questions to uncle ‘Google’.... Momentum is essentially Physics team/concept. However, it is commonly used in sports, economy, projects and business. “Dockers have gained momentum and they are turning out to … Continue reading How To Build Momentum In Business

Enterprise Software – How to Know, What you Need?

Choosing right enterprise software can be quite challenging task. There can be numerous requirements, constraints of time, budget, quality and stakeholders expectations. Among this, choosing software that tick most boxes can be daunting task. Sometimes, it is finding best needle among stack of needles. Due to high cost of ownership, you cannot afford to get it wrong. So, what should be our approach? … Continue reading Enterprise Software – How to Know, What you Need?

Why Business Process Improvement projects fail to deliver value?

Business Process Improvement projects generally use Lean/Six-Sigma techniques and some common sense to improve business processes. Project teams document current state of business processes (As-Is mapping). Then they analyse Business problems and document future state of processes (To-be mapping). Generally, it goes well up to documentation completion. Rubber hits road when project team starts planning for changes in business. They face challenges in … Continue reading Why Business Process Improvement projects fail to deliver value?