How Body and Business Are So Similar?

Our body and business are not much different. Both are the machines that receive input and their coordinated effort produces an output. Learning - Like a healthy body, healthy business must learn from experimentation, analytics, and retrospectives. Strength - Like every individual has natural strengths. Similarly, the business must be aware of its strengths/niche. Weak … Continue reading How Body and Business Are So Similar?

Types of Requirements – 61 and counting!

Requirement elicitation/gathering can be a complex process. Especially, contracting/consulting in a new domain. The main problem is, ‘What you don’t know is you don’t know?’ It is easy to miss consulting few important business areas. To ensure completeness of requirements we require an overarching checklist. I hope you will find Singh’s Requirements Landscape helpful! What … Continue reading Types of Requirements – 61 and counting!

Complex Problems Made Easy!

Everyone has unique way to look at ‘problem’. Some think of solution before giving second thought to problem: “We need to reduce team size because our margins are getting too slim” “I need divorce because I am not happy” “I need new phone because my phone is too slow” Other beat around bush….. “It is … Continue reading Complex Problems Made Easy!

Software Vendor Selection – Steps To Find Initial Vendor List

In my previous post, I put together some information to help you understand your business needs before procuring Enterprise software. I hope information was helpful! Once you know what you need, you go out and buy it! Right? But, it is not true for purchasing Enterprise software. Assuming your business needs Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software (Software package). Then, … Continue reading Software Vendor Selection – Steps To Find Initial Vendor List

How to define project scope

Let us first understand about project scope: Client: “I have a block of land. I want to build a standard one-story house according to this plan. Can you please give some pricing?” Builder: “Why not sir! Looking at your house plan. It will cost you $250,000 for standard fittings. Note that it does not include tiles, … Continue reading How to define project scope

How to plan Business Process Improvement project

In one of my previous posts, I have introduced Singh’s Business Reference Model (BRM). I suggested that Singh’s BRM can assist in range of different business initiatives.In this post, I endeavour to demonstrate how Singh’s BRM can assist you in planning of Business process improvement initiative. I think, the key benefit is that it helps you to paint big picture … Continue reading How to plan Business Process Improvement project

Helicopter view of your business with Singh’s BRM

Let's silently hear meeting conversation:IT Manager: “According to our IT strategy, we are going to implement paperless capability within business”Business Manager: “Ok! Explain me how this relates to our Business strategy?”Operations Manager thinking….. these guys are insane; our people struggle to use Word/Excel and they are talking about Paperless….In Business environment, we often come across situations … Continue reading Helicopter view of your business with Singh’s BRM

How to prioritise anything!

At any point in time, life does not give us everything we want. Resources are always limited, whereas demands are unlimited. I still remember my school days, having 5 bucks in hand and queuing up in front of canteen window. While talking, smiling, laughing with friends one question that I constantly think was - ‘What … Continue reading How to prioritise anything!

Software Request for Proposal (RFP) tips!

Have you identified that your business needs new enterprise software? Are you about to approach market to find the best software? Before you start inviting software vendors for quick demos and help you solve your business problems, make sure you have done your homework!Consider following action items before you send RFP/RFQ (Request for Proposal/Quote) to … Continue reading Software Request for Proposal (RFP) tips!