Change Feeds On Strong Leadership!

Total Quality Management, Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Process Improvement, Process Redesigning, Value Chain Improvement, Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption and many other similar terms to follow….. At the end of day it is all about managing successful Change. Various authors explain change management models Kotter’s 8 Step Change model, Good to … Continue reading Change Feeds On Strong Leadership!

Enterprise Mobility – What is stopping us to Telework?

Alarm rings! “Wake-up Dan! Wake-up Dan!.....” Recorded voice of Dan's wife played by alarm clock....... Dan wakes up with a big yawn. He starts his morning ritual to get ready for work. He works as Project Manager at one of the big software firms in town. Today, Dan choose to dress-up in his favourite comfort t-shirt and cotton pants. After … Continue reading Enterprise Mobility – What is stopping us to Telework?