What Is The Root Cause Of ERP Project Failure?

ERP projects are failing to deliver customer value. I believe, we have a long way to go to get it right. Here are few references to support the fact: https://www.erpfocus.com/ten-erp-failure-statistics.html https://www3.technologyevaluation.com/research/article/erp-software-facts-stats-and-lessons-learned.html https://www.erpvar.com/blog/bid/108723/9-VERY-Scary-ERP-and-ERP-System-Implementation-Statistics https://www.enterpriseirregulars.com/11871/erp-failure-new-research-and-statistics/ To save the failing projects, we need to understand root cause of the failures. The Root Cause: I believe, the root cause … Continue reading What Is The Root Cause Of ERP Project Failure?

How to Govern ERP Project?

As a Project Sponsor, you are responsible for project governance. You ensure that the project is steering in right direction. You are ultimately responsible for the business case and success of theĀ  project. Typically, more than one vendors, subcontractors, consultants are involvedĀ in ERP implementations. These resources may not have worked together before. There are strong … Continue reading How to Govern ERP Project?