Change Feeds On Strong Leadership!

Total Quality Management, Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Process Improvement, Process Redesigning, Value Chain Improvement, Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption and many other similar terms to follow….. At the end of day it is all about managing successful Change. Various authors explain change management models Kotter’s 8 Step Change model, Good to … Continue reading Change Feeds On Strong Leadership!

Customer’s Letter to Software Vendor -My Expectations

Dear Vendor, I thank you for implementing software for my business. The big job is over now; I look back and think what I originally expected from you. Here are my thoughts: I expected little more integrity from you: You should told me upfront that all the good and smart people engaged earlier during the … Continue reading Customer’s Letter to Software Vendor -My Expectations

When To Raise A Change Request/Variation?

Change is inevitable! To meet ever-changing needs and complexity of business, project teams are increasingly embracing Scrum/Agile methodologies. Project teams are using new tools and methods like Card walls, Daily stand-ups, Internet/Intranet Chats, advanced task management tools (like JIRA). However, one thing that Project teams are not doing so well is managing change within project. … Continue reading When To Raise A Change Request/Variation?

Change Management Tactics – How to influence by Social proof

Do you know why comedy shows play recorded laughter (HaHaHa...)? Why clubs create long waiting lines outside their venue? Why media do not report suicide incidents? Why we do fake laughing in-group, even we don’t find anything amusing. Well, all the above questions looks very different. However, one phenomenon explains all of them. That is Social proof. Social proof is psychological … Continue reading Change Management Tactics – How to influence by Social proof

How to define change!

Social and Traditional media offers lot of wisdom on Change management. Few well-defined methodologies (Prosci, APMG) are available to help delivering change as well. However, there does not seems to be a lot of success on delivering change. So, why is that we find it difficult to delivering and accepting change? I don’t think there … Continue reading How to define change!