COTS/ERP Bringing Mediocrity At Best!

Do you agree that COTS/ERP implementations makes your business mediocre at best? One of the main value propositions of the packaged software (COTS/ERP) is relatively quicker implementation. Business processes are standardised. Your business receives so called 'best practice' implementation. But is it a good thing? The so called 'best practice' is really a best practice? … Continue reading COTS/ERP Bringing Mediocrity At Best!


Innovation – The ultimate success factor!

Let me ask a quick question. What is the one success factor that every business must embrace? Not sure, what I mean? Here is another tip! It is so important that Businesses will eventually die if they do not embrace it. Still not sure? Ok! Without further suspense, I am referring to ‘Innovation’.The pace of … Continue reading Innovation – The ultimate success factor!

Golden key to successful business – ‘Challenge status quo, innovate every step’

Are you are a business owner or working for someone? Do you acknowledge that market is much more competitive than ever before? Profitability and margins are shrinking and Returns on sales targets seems to be unachievable? Well, the good news is that you are not alone. Majority of organizations still focus of competing on quality, … Continue reading Golden key to successful business – ‘Challenge status quo, innovate every step’