Early Indicators Of Project Delay!

Most ERP projects have to be delayed without much warning. It has a negative impact on team morale, project cost and business case. Let us see some leading indicators of project delay: Executive Leadership: No sense of urgency: Project sponsor and board do not communicate importance of the project. There is no carrot, no stick. … Continue reading Early Indicators Of Project Delay!

Change Feeds On Strong Leadership!

Total Quality Management, Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Process Improvement, Process Redesigning, Value Chain Improvement, Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption and many other similar terms to follow….. At the end of day it is all about managing successful Change. Various authors explain change management models Kotter’s 8 Step Change model, Good to … Continue reading Change Feeds On Strong Leadership!

100% Utilisation Is A Business Risk

If your employees are fully utilised in producing goods and services, consider it as a business risk! Did you ask why? It is because if your business is always busy with BAU activities, then the chances are that your business is not thinking ahead. By thinking ahead, I mean: Keeping up to date with technology … Continue reading 100% Utilisation Is A Business Risk

The Golden Question!

These four words are so magical! When we use them at right time it: Helps to breaks ice "Good Morning all! Today is one of the best days ever! What do you think?" Helps to confirm if all are on same page and share perspectives "I suggest investment option B is better than A because it … Continue reading The Golden Question!

How To Build Momentum In Business

I will start by asking two more basic and fundamental questions: Firstly, what is Momentum? Secondly, why we want to build Momentum in business? I have asked above questions to uncle ‘Google’.... Momentum is essentially Physics team/concept. However, it is commonly used in sports, economy, projects and business. “Dockers have gained momentum and they are turning out to … Continue reading How To Build Momentum In Business

Innovation – The ultimate success factor!

Let me ask a quick question. What is the one success factor that every business must embrace? Not sure, what I mean? Here is another tip! It is so important that Businesses will eventually die if they do not embrace it. Still not sure? Ok! Without further suspense, I am referring to ‘Innovation’.The pace of … Continue reading Innovation – The ultimate success factor!

How to prioritise anything!

At any point in time, life does not give us everything we want. Resources are always limited, whereas demands are unlimited. I still remember my school days, having 5 bucks in hand and queuing up in front of canteen window. While talking, smiling, laughing with friends one question that I constantly think was - ‘What … Continue reading How to prioritise anything!

Do we really know the reality?

When I got my first job, like many graduates I was highly pumped-up, excited and committed to deliver to best of my ability. I love ticking along my tasks as soon as possible, put extra hours to get things done. However, one of the things that I struggled was why others can’t see what I … Continue reading Do we really know the reality?

Change your question – change your life

Good questions have tremendous potential. If you ask good questions to yourself, it will help to challenge, motivate and has a potential to even transform your life. Every day we ask many questions (good and bad) to ourselves. Asking good questions take us the long way. However, asking bad questions causes negativity and drains our … Continue reading Change your question – change your life

What is in you that keep you going?

Have you ever asked any of the following questions to yourself?What gives me confidence and courage to start new project/business/initiative?What helps me keep going when times are tough and there is little hope?When chances of success are thin as razor blade, what is in me that tell me, “I am going to be alright...”?What drives my … Continue reading What is in you that keep you going?