In Search Of Meaning!

I often wonder - What is the final destination of life's journey? Why I constantly crave for more success, wealth, relationships and power? Why is this constant craving? Why something is always missing in life? Why I am not complete? Whom I am trying to satisfy? Do I actually get satisfaction (even shortly) after so … Continue reading In Search Of Meaning!

Do not focus on your goal!

Sunday afternoon, when clouds were covering angry hot sun. I took opportunity to go out for a run. Initial warm-up, jogging and sprinting …. Something amazing happened that day. I was reaching my targets with a lot of speed and energy. Generally, I struggle to reach my set target (set Lamppost). I asked myself “What … Continue reading Do not focus on your goal!

Tip to increase perceived value

Assume you got permission to meet your favorite celebrity whenever you want. Then, do you think the person you admire will be equally important to you? Have you ever experienced a situation where you have done your best to secure something? After successfully securing, you lost interest in that?Why we perceive dearer product/service better than … Continue reading Tip to increase perceived value