10 Reasons Not To Change ERP!

Our ERP is very old: Check your ERP software version. If it is ‘ancient’ version, consider option of upgrading to latest version rather than changing the ERP. Our ERP never really worked: Check if software was implemented poorly. Therefore, end-users have no choice but to get creative and device manual workarounds. There is no one … Continue reading 10 Reasons Not To Change ERP!

How To Shortlist Software Vendors?

Software selection requires a well defined process and disciplined approach. Previously, I have shared following topics with you. RFP Tips – How to create/develop RFP Steps to find initial software vendors for your industry How to set clear expectations with software vendor upfront? The next step in the software selection process is organising Product Demos. … Continue reading How To Shortlist Software Vendors?

ERP Selection Checklist – Never Miss Anything From This List!

Are you currently evaluating software for your business? Chances are that you need some help! To successfully select software you need to see from different viewpoints. The following list will help you: Checklist for packaged software selection: Investment in Research & Development: Check vendor's investment in technology and R&D on ongoing bases. This shows commitment … Continue reading ERP Selection Checklist – Never Miss Anything From This List!

‘Fixed Price’ ERP/COTS Projects Advise

Sponsoring software projects can be very overwhelming. Understanding and documenting initial problems, business requirements, prepare RFP/RFQ, deciding vendor/product and so on. Throughout this process there is often one major concern, “Can we deliver the project under the approved budget?". Organisations often try to mitigate this risk by opting for ‘Fixed price’ quote. But, does that … Continue reading ‘Fixed Price’ ERP/COTS Projects Advise

Customer’s Letter to Software Vendor -My Expectations

Dear Vendor, I thank you for implementing software for my business. The big job is over now; I look back and think what I originally expected from you. Here are my thoughts: I expected little more integrity from you: You should told me upfront that all the good and smart people engaged earlier during the … Continue reading Customer’s Letter to Software Vendor -My Expectations

Software Vendor Selection – Steps To Find Initial Vendor List

In my previous post, I put together some information to help you understand your business needs before procuring Enterprise software. I hope information was helpful! Once you know what you need, you go out and buy it! Right? But, it is not true for purchasing Enterprise software. Assuming your business needs Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software (Software package). Then, … Continue reading Software Vendor Selection – Steps To Find Initial Vendor List

Enterprise Software – How to Know, What you Need?

Choosing right enterprise software can be quite challenging task. There can be numerous requirements, constraints of time, budget, quality and stakeholders expectations. Among this, choosing software that tick most boxes can be daunting task. Sometimes, it is finding best needle among stack of needles. Due to high cost of ownership, you cannot afford to get it wrong. So, what should be our approach? … Continue reading Enterprise Software – How to Know, What you Need?

Software Request for Proposal (RFP) tips!

Have you identified that your business needs new enterprise software? Are you about to approach market to find the best software? Before you start inviting software vendors for quick demos and help you solve your business problems, make sure you have done your homework!Consider following action items before you send RFP/RFQ (Request for Proposal/Quote) to … Continue reading Software Request for Proposal (RFP) tips!