COTS/ERP Bringing Mediocrity At Best!

Do you agree that COTS/ERP implementations makes your business mediocre at best? One of the main value propositions of the packaged software (COTS/ERP) is relatively quicker implementation. Business processes are standardised. Your business receives so called 'best practice' implementation. But is it a good thing? The so called 'best practice' is really a best practice? … Continue reading COTS/ERP Bringing Mediocrity At Best!


Strategies to avoid unproductive meeting invites!

Do you receive many meeting invites? Do you find that your calendar is full most of the time? Do you have to go to meetings unprepared? Are you multitasking - attending meeting, checking emails and SMS at the same time?Well, you may think that you are making best use of your ‘limited’ time. However, it … Continue reading Strategies to avoid unproductive meeting invites!