In Search Of Meaning!

I often wonder - What is the final destination of life's journey? Why I constantly crave for more success, wealth, relationships and power? Why is this constant craving? Why something is always missing in life? Why I am not complete? Whom I am trying to satisfy? Do I actually get satisfaction (even shortly) after so … Continue reading In Search Of Meaning!

Why we eat cake, smoke and drink beer?

I guess, not because they are good for us. Rather, it is an occasion or we are just giving someone company or due to our mood. We all know about good and bad things. But, we often ignore that knowledge. Why? Because we are short sighted. Short-term pleasures are good enough to keep us momentarily happy. We … Continue reading Why we eat cake, smoke and drink beer?

Do not focus on your goal!

Sunday afternoon, when clouds were covering angry hot sun. I took opportunity to go out for a run. Initial warm-up, jogging and sprinting …. Something amazing happened that day. I was reaching my targets with a lot of speed and energy. Generally, I struggle to reach my set target (set Lamppost). I asked myself “What … Continue reading Do not focus on your goal!

How To Build Momentum In Business

I will start by asking two more basic and fundamental questions: Firstly, what is Momentum? Secondly, why we want to build Momentum in business? I have asked above questions to uncle ‘Google’.... Momentum is essentially Physics team/concept. However, it is commonly used in sports, economy, projects and business. “Dockers have gained momentum and they are turning out to … Continue reading How To Build Momentum In Business

Helicopter view of your business with Singh’s BRM

Let's silently hear meeting conversation:IT Manager: “According to our IT strategy, we are going to implement paperless capability within business”Business Manager: “Ok! Explain me how this relates to our Business strategy?”Operations Manager thinking….. these guys are insane; our people struggle to use Word/Excel and they are talking about Paperless….In Business environment, we often come across situations … Continue reading Helicopter view of your business with Singh’s BRM

7 reasons why my boss should give me valuable feedback

Feedback is one of the most underutilised management tool. We all know its benefits, so I will skip that part. Instead, I am going to share with you 7 reasons you should provide feedback and what it tells about you. Here you go! It tells about your level of engagement in Business - If you … Continue reading 7 reasons why my boss should give me valuable feedback

How to investigate business problem!

Big or small, being in Business we all experience business problems. They may relate to process, policy, technology, people, management or combination of them. We all have our own way to look at business problems and their solutions too. For instance, if Call centre is not functioning properly, Operations Manager may propose to provide more training … Continue reading How to investigate business problem!

Innovation – The ultimate success factor!

Let me ask a quick question. What is the one success factor that every business must embrace? Not sure, what I mean? Here is another tip! It is so important that Businesses will eventually die if they do not embrace it. Still not sure? Ok! Without further suspense, I am referring to ‘Innovation’.The pace of … Continue reading Innovation – The ultimate success factor!

Tip to increase perceived value

Assume you got permission to meet your favorite celebrity whenever you want. Then, do you think the person you admire will be equally important to you? Have you ever experienced a situation where you have done your best to secure something? After successfully securing, you lost interest in that?Why we perceive dearer product/service better than … Continue reading Tip to increase perceived value