Charisma Trap: Protecting Your Business from Charismatic Influencers

Visioning and Selection

Charismatic influencers possess an innate ability to establish rapport with others and draw them in. They captivate us, appeal to our emotions, and entertain us. However, if we are not careful, they can exploit our weaknesses and take advantage of us. They might sell us something we don’t require, coerce us into making a decision we’ll later regret, or convince us to do something foolish that we’ll never forgive ourselves for.

As business owners and executives, we encounter many such influencers in our professional lives. Our ignorance and falling for the charisma trap can be very damaging. Therefore, before placing our trust in someone, we must pause and conduct a reality check:

  • Are we placing our trust in someone based on facts or intuition?
  • What reasons do we have for trusting this individual?
  • Before making any decisions, what are the potential benefits for our organisation and us?
  • What are the advantages for the person we are trusting and their organisation?
  • Are we feeling pressured to make a decision?
  • Are we completely aware of the risk profile?

Being able to identify charismatic individuals who may not have our best interests at heart is essential in business. By asking these questions, we can protect ourselves and our organisations from those who seek to exploit us.